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A few thoughts on the topic of product novelties and innovative products:

What are product novelties? What is basically referred to as a product novelty ?
Nowadays simple improvements on existing products are being marketed as product novelties; that's not what we consider product novelties.

Product novelties however should be innovative, all newly invented products which make life easier and more convenient. With the designation "product novelties" customers are often just attracted and made to believe it's a product novelty and then buy it; It's bizarre which products are designated as product novelties nowadays.

For example: is it a product novelty if an already existing household article gets a new latch, so that it cannot fold up involuntarily ?

So much for the subject of product novelties. Think twice if somebody wants to offer you a product that has been in existence for a long time, and only through a small upgrade it is repriced much more expensively in relation to the existing product.

Order saves nerves and money!


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