Poster order system

The universal storage system - handy and convenient order in transparent PVC tubes

No time wasted looking for gift wrap.

The solution ist ingeniously simple.

6 transparent PVC pipes are linked to one another through an elastic band and with two hooks hung up on a wall in household, office, business, basement, garage, store room or atelier. Because ot the simple and space saving assembly, the system can be used in the wink of an eye, so that important items, neatly arranged, are available at any time.

The storage system is an ideal present for storing long-like items of all kinds, which will be very useful to the recipients for many years !

... for friends, for customers and employees at Christmas or for any other events.
"Basically brilliant, brilliantly basic!"


For enlargement, click on the picture !

Now available at the best price of € 10,80 !


... suitable for promotional free gifts, too!

In a smaller version this innovative article can be used for consumer promotion and customer loyalty.
It is an unusual advertising gift for companies who produce or deal in all kinds of tubes.

A household article for storing all kinds of rolls in the kitchen (like airtight bags, kitchenfoils, baking paper
and so on), the POS does a great job.

When this practical product novelty ist equipped with your company logo, your company will be remembered for many years by the recipients of the gift, whenever they put an object into the tube or when they take it out. Prices on request!


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